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TTC timeline

2009 - stopped all contraception (never pregnant)
NB: we are both healthy weight, non-smokers. I have always had regular periods. I do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but my hypothryoidism from this is very minimal and I have only needed to start taking thyroxine over the last year.

2016 February - visited Fertility Specialist.
- blood tests show AMH 23pmol/L
- Sperm all within normal parameters
- Dye studies show fallopian tubes are not blocked
- diagnosis - unexplained infertility

2016 July - first IVF round
- 17 eggs collected
- 1 embryo fertilised
- embryo at morula stage by 5 day transfer
- none frozen
- not pregnant

2016 September - further tests on Sperm. FISH studies estimate aneuploidy for all chromosomes to be 11%. Studies suggest normal rates are between 2.3-9.2%  My FS suggests this FISH measure is new and still under investigation as to whether it is useful diagnostically.
DNA fragmentation 21%-  normal limit is between 5-20%
Decision that future rounds to use ICSI and PICSI

2016 September- second IVF round
ICSI and PICSI performed and embryoscope used
- 12 eggs collected
- 9 eggs were mature enough for ICSI to be performed
- 4 embryos fertilised
- 1 poor quality blastocyst, 1 morula to transfer at day 5
- the embryos transferred all had adverse events during development and were considered to be poor quality
- all other embryos failed to develop past a couple cells, not able to freeze
- not pregnant

2017 January - third round IVF
ICSI and PICSI performed and embryoscope used
-13 eggs
-9 eggs mature enough for ICSI
-5 embryos
-1 poor quality blastocyst, 1 morula to transfer at day 5
- the embryos again had adverse development
- all other embryos failed to develop
- but then because we used embryoscope it seemed that there was at day 6 an embryo that was at blastocyst stage, but that it has developed unusually (single pronucleate 1PN). Scientists consult literature to determine whether this is viable. Scientists tell me "Essentially we can’t find in the literature a live birth in the last 20 years from a 1PN embryo from ICSI origin, but we can find pregnancies and live births from 1PN embryos of IVF origin.  Current dogma is that if the embryo is haploid (half the chromosomes present) or activated through parthenogenesis (activation without the sperm present) then it should stop growing after a few days and not make it to blastocyst stage, which your frozen embryo has…" 
- Suspected chemical pregnancy--- Positive urine pregnancy test 10 days after transfer and 11 days after transfer, but negative on 12 days after transfer. No HCG trace at all by blood test at 2 weeks.
- not pregnant
- the weird "don't know if it's a really an embryo" was frozen

2017- March -- performed an "endometrial scratch" prior to round-- it's supposed to increase chances

2017 March - fourth round IVF
ICSI and PICSI performed and embryoscope used
- 13 eggs
-10 eggs mature enough for ICSI
- 9 embryos
- one good quality blastocyst, 1 morula to transfer at day 5
- this time - the good quality blastocyst developed normally, yay!
- all other embryos failed to develop and/or had unusual growth
- Not pregnant. None frozen.

2017 June - hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy - - as expected there was no endometriosis found

2017 July - 5th IVF round IVF
- 12 eggs
- 11 eggs mature enough for ICSI
- 8 embryos
- one blastocyst, one morula to transfer at day 5
- not pregnant. None frozen.

2017 October - 6th IVF round, with a new doctor
New protocol for stims
Meant to be "freeze all" protocol, but we changed the plan so that we could opt for fresh transfer if needed (changed the trigger)
Taking clexane, prednisone, aspirin...
- 20 eggs
- 15 fertilised
- 10 embryos
- one blastocyst, one morula to transfer day 5
- none frozen
- pregnant!!!
 but then... no baby to be seen at the time of the 7 day scan,  emergency laparoscopy to check for possible ectopic and had to get D&C. Not ectopic.

2018 January - 7th IVF round
same protocol as in October 2017
-18 eggs, 14 mature enough for ICSI
- 8 embryos
... still in proces


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